Saturday, March 31, 2012

At Sea enroute to. Angola

We are at sea in the tropics of the South Atlantic, off the Skeleton Coast of Namibia, or perhaps. Y now Angola. I had envisioned lazy days at sea. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yesterday I attended 3 out of 5 lectures offered, and had to work to find time to get to the gym for an hour. The gym incidentally, though tiny, has windows on 3 sides and you can see the wake of the ship. The food has been marvelous. ( Which is why I need to spend time at the gym!). Today there have been lots of flying fish, and a few aortic terns accompanying us. Many exci ting things to come.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Capetown, South Africa

Capetown has the slowest wifi Internet service. Trying to blog has been an exercise in frustration. Otherwise, I am having a wonderful time. How to describe Capetown. Try to imagine a waterfront 3-4 times larger than Baltimore's. There are 3 large malls.which have the usual food courts (McDonalds, Subway, Haagen Daz)' plus an array of International foods. Many restaurants and hotels. The flavor is a little bit of New Orleans, maybe a little of San Francisco, and a little of Siney, Australia. very cosmopolitan, with veritable babel of languages. At the Victoria &Alfred waterfront. You hear music all of the time, and of every style imaginable. The shops are very expensive, I won't be bringing home any souvenirs from here! The craft markets Have been disappointing here, but. There are a lot of more remote places to go. Capetown is dominated by Table Mountain. It looms over the city, and at times resembles a painted backdrop. At times it links close enough to touch. Often. The"tablecloth" (clouds) spills over the top and down the steep sides. I was thrilled by my first wildlife sighting, a cape fur seal at sunset, who, I could swear was waving at me. He kept rolling over and waving a flipper into the air. Today I happened. Onto a dock that aw loaded with seals. Try not to get downwind of them, the stench is like rotting fish and feces. My hotel is right on the waterfront with a view from the restaurant of table mountain. My room overlooks the piazza, and the. "Excellent Wheel" (think of the London Eye). One of the first things that I did here was ride the ferris wheel. The Two Oceans Aquarium is just steps from my hotel. I spent a pleasurable afternoon there today, the highlight was when they walked the rock hooper penguins right through the museum and up to their. Beach on the 2nd floor. I felt like I was part of a parade as I and many others followed them. Tomorrow I transfer to the very elegant. Table Bay Hotel for just one night, and then on Sunday the cruise begins. Monday will be at sea. Our 1st port will be Luderitz, Namibia on Tuesday. Until the next time, Barbara

Sunday, March 18, 2012


On  March 20th I will be leaving for a grand adventure, first visiting Capetown, South Africa, and then joining a National Geographic/Linblad Expedition on the National Geographic Explorer, traveling up the west coast of Africa from Capetown to Morocco, visiting 16 countries en route.

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