Sunday, April 8, 2012

Saturday April 7, 21012 Principe Approaching Principe by sea in the morning is very dramatic.  The peaks are sharp and jagged with one soaring like a church spire.  The clouds are obscuring parts of the mountaintops, and when I got out on deck it was raining on one side of the ship, but not the other. Our destination today is a resort called Bom Bom--literally "good good"  in Portuguese.  The resort was named for the small island Bom Bom , that is connected to Principe by a foot bridge. The resort typifies the quintessential tropical paradise-- on one side is a beach reminiscent of Cane Garden Bay in the British Virgins, a short walk leads to a sheltered. Bay where the snorkeling is fantastic.  For the first time, I saw an octopus in the wild, a purple 6 armed starfish, and numerous reef  fish, analogous to the fish found in the Caribbean.   There is a lovely swimming pool, which I ignore, preferring to swim in the ocean with gentle rolling surf.  Lunch is a barbecue with wonderful rice. (again reminiscent of the Caribbean),  grilled pineapple, chicken, pork, octopus, and fish.   At breakfast this morning, I sat  with a man who had been a physician  in the CIA from 1969-1971,  in East Pakistan, and what is now Kazakstan.  The other man was an engineer who designed computer hard drives before retiring, and did road racing for fun.    Just a small example of the interesting diversity of people on board.  I have met several other nurses.  People are from all over the US, as well as from Switzerland, Austria,  South Africa, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and England.   This is the most well traveled group of people that I have ever met, as well as wealthy.   Because of the dangers of piracy, Linblad  has engaged a security firm.  We have 4 guards who all have military experience.  They carry single shot Ak47s, and are prepared to repel anyone who might try to board us.  They will be with us until Sierra Leone.  They are pleasant to chat with, but they are ready to do whatever is necessary for the safety of the passé gets and the ship. We will sail tonight for Cameroon.

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  1. Wow...fascinating!!! Hopefully no pirates...only romantic in the movies! Safe travels, Barb! I hope we can see pictures when you return! xo